Karin Broos


Karin Broos  
Smedsby Konstakt 108
686 96 Ö: a Ämtervik


Karin Broos is primarily known for her photorealistic motifs taken from everyday life and her own surroundings, motifs revolving around the home, studio and nature in Värmland.
With his paintings, Broos has depicted women's lives at different ages. Using photography as a model, Broos explores the differences and shifts between painting and photography. The artist draws inspiration from modern colleagues such as Gerhard Richter, Edward Hopper and Ola Billgren, but also artists such as Anders Zorn and Vilhelm Hammershøi. The people in the paintings often meet us with their backs to the viewer or with their eyes turned away. The seemingly mundane scene, with the dramatic alternations between light and shadow, gives us a hint of the underlying streaks of melancholy and dark emotions.
Karin Broos had her big public breakthrough at an exhibition at Kristinehamn Art Museum in 2008. In the winter of 2015/2016, Prince Eugene Waldemarsudde in Stockholm showed a large solo exhibition entitled "Karin Broos - Still Life". The exhibition then toured further in the United States for two years. 2019-2020, the exhibition, supplemented with new works, will be shown in various places in Sweden, including Linköping Art Gallery, Vandalorum in Värnamo, and Falun Magazine in connection with Carl Larsson's centenary.


Born 1950 in Uppsala

Education: Royal Academy of Fine Arts

s´ Hertogenbosch Holland 1970-1975 Resident: Östra Ämtervik Sweden


    Represented: Moderna Museet (2008) Stockholm City (2005) Statens Konstråd (2007, 2011) Ystads Konstmuseum Värmlands Museum (2000-2008) Eksjö Museum, Örebro Länsmuseum (2016), Bonnierska porträttsamlingen (2018), div. County Councils, Municipalities, Private Collections

    Scholarships: KSLA Royal Swedish Forest and Agricultural Academy's scholarship for Ulf and Greta Rhenborg's memory 2020 Royal medal in the eighth size 2019 Helmia scholarship 2018 Governor's merit medal 2018 Thor Fagerkvist Scholarship NWT's Culture Scholarship 1982, 2007 Visual Artists' Scholarship


     Utställningar i urval: 2019-2020 Nässjö Konsthall Magasinet Falun med Carl Larsson Konstmuseum  Vandalorum Värnamo Passagen Linköping Kristinehamns Konstmuseum Galleri Christian Larsen Rättviks Konsthall 2018 Swedish American Museum Chicago 2018 House of Sweden Washington  2017 ASI American Swedish Institute Minneapolis USA okt. 2015- feb 2016  Prins Eugens Stockholm Örebro Länsmuseet mars 2016 Örsta Konsthall 2016 Konstmuseum Visby "Det stora blå" 2015 Elin Wägner Museum 2015 Market Konstmässa 2015 Strandverket Marstrand 2014  Varbergs Konsthall 2014  Ystads Konstmuseum 2015  Borås Konstmuseum 2011 Sven-Harrys Konstmuseum 2011 Värmlands Museum 2011- 2012 Galleri Christian Larsen Stockholm 2011, 2009  Övriga 2005 - 2011: Centre Culturell Suedois Paris Frankrike Krabbedans Konsthall Eindhoven Holland Galleri "De Wolk is boven" Eindhoven Holland Galleri Jansen Amsterdam Holland Sweden House Brussel Riga Konsthall Lettland N Art Reykjavik Island Ystads Konstmuseum Värmlands Museum Konstbank Hamar Norge Galleri Lars Hagman Stockholm Konsthallen Moss Norge Liljevalchs Vårsalong Kristinehamns Konstmuseum Galleri Billing Baar Schweiz Stockholm Market Stockholm Norrbottens Museum Trollhättans Konsthall  Alingsås Konsthall Oskarshamns Konsthall Box Kraftverk Alma Löv Museum Lilla Europa minibiennal Örebro Konstmässan Zurich Schweiz Galleri Hafslund Skarpsborg Norge

Böcker, publikationer:

                "Still Life" Waldemarsudde katalog nya verk 2011-2015 text Ingela Lind, Karin Sidén, Sara Broos 

                "Still Life" Engelsktalig version 2017 text Bruce Karstedt  ASI American Swedish Institute

                ”Minnesmärken” Strandverkets utställningskatalog/bok text Hasse Persson Sara Broos

                ”Målningar” målningar   1995-2000  text Jessica Kempe konstkritiker DN

                ”Speglingar” målningar  1999-2012  text Ingela Lind konstkritiker DN Hasse Persson fd. chef                  

                  Borås Konstmuseum

                     ”In i bilden, ut bland orden” 12 författare om 12 konstverk (SAK)

                      Bokomslag 2014 ”Hysteros” av Helena Granström (Natur och Kultur)

                      Book cover 2014 " Lekarna" Peter Normark  Bonniers Förlag

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                      Book cover 2018 "Everything will probably be good" Ann Haberlein (Mondial)