Dr Crix

Måleri, Teckning, Skulptur, installation

Dr CrixMy name is Dr. Crix and comes from Hagfors. 

My art consists of paintings, sculptures, installations and more. 

The motifs are usually explained as "comic book-like" and colorful. Some motives are based on events in my life or alternative versions of reality. It also happens that I make art just because I had a cool idea, which I thought would be a nice work. sometimes I break down into smaller components. Something I call the Bandana Republic. There I am several different alter egos with my own styles and techniques. 

It has become a way for me to categorize my own abilities, and map my inner self. A journey through my artistic spectrum, where Dr Crix is ​​the tip of the iceberg. The Bandana Republic can be followed in my cartoons and art. It is a still expanding universe and a "work in progress" that develops over time. 

In painting, I mostly use egg oil tempera, vinyl flash or markers on canvas or paper. 

I sometimes create sculptures with ordinary objects and wall / floor paint. Felt wool has also occurred. 

I work with creating new concepts and rules of the game for what art can look like, and have a hard time letting go. 

Filming and video work was something I was doing for a while, but without any concrete product. It became a documentation of what I was doing at the time, but right now a restriction of free time has put that project on hold. 

In the media, I am disguised in some way. Snus handkerchief, Mexican wrestling mask or other disguise. Mostly to arouse interest and stand out, but also to not bind myself to a certain time through my own aging. A bit like the phantom. 

Cartooning and painting are my top skills, but I want to fill the entire room where I exhibit. Therefore, I try to come up with new ways to broaden myself, such as furniture, clothes and more. 

You may sometimes think I'm extreme, but I like to take the extra step and challenge and provoke. Jantelagen is nothing for me, and I have a slightly more American attitude. Writing and explaining myself is not always my thing. 

To get a picture of, you have to dive into my works and form your own opinion. You can do that on my instagram drcrix. 

To be elected to Värmland's art association is great for me, and I am very grateful. 

Thank you

Technique: Painting, Sculpture, Video / Photo, Textile, Mixed media

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