Johan Magnusson

Måleri - Akvarell, Kol, Grafik

For the past 18 years, I have mostly worked with other people's art. Over time, a longing grew. Grew bigger and stronger. A longing for painting. A longing to express oneself. And from this year onwards, I can fully devote myself to my art. And it is I myself who decides when and how.

I had a room too. A room that was mine and would only be a studio. In this room, I first tried to pick up where I left off last. But there I found nothing. Picked out my watercolor paints. I had not used them for years. I started an investigation, with no requirements. Eventually, I gave myself something to relate to. A few lines within a rectangle on a piece of paper. And in there I started to try my hand. Explore the colors, pigments and their inner qualities, in layers, thin or thick, on top of each other or next to each other. With large and small brushes, cheap or expensive. With a lot of water or a little. With different kinds of paper.

My thoughts went back to when I went to Gerlesborgsskolan in Stockholm in the 80's. How we got to work with color labs. It was amazing! As an example; to mix Cobalt Blue, Raw Umbra and Titanium White. Discover that there were an infinite amount of expressions and shades hidden in these color tubes. And there were so many colors to explore! So many opportunities! It was like a love affair.

And now the feeling was the same, 35 years later.

After a couple of months, interesting things started to happen. The paintings began to develop in unexpected ways. As if the hand holding the brush was acting on its own. Without first asking my brain for permission.

And before, I probably thought a little too much. It has sometimes, not always, hampered me.
Now I feel much freer. And I think watercolor painting is one of the reasons for that feeling.

Karlstad 23.09.23

Johan Magnusson

Engholmsgatan 16 A
652 21 Karlstad

Technique: Painting, Graphics

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