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Johan Magnusson

no image

For the past 18 years, I have mostly worked with other people's art. Over time, a longing grew. Grew bigger and stronger. A longing for painting. A longing to express oneself. And from this year onwards, I can fully devote myself to my art. And it is I myself who decides when and how.

I had a room too. A room that was mine and would only be a studio. In this room, I first tried to pick up where I left off last. But there I found nothing. Picked out my watercolor paints. I had not used them for years. I started an investigation, with no requirements. Eventually, I gave myself something to relate to. A few lines within a rectangle on a piece of paper. And in there I started to try my hand. Explore the colors, pigments and their inner qualities, in layers, thin or thick, on top of each other or next to each other. With large and small brushes, cheap or expensive. With a lot of water or a little. With different kinds of paper.

My thoughts went back to when I went to Gerlesborgsskolan in Stockholm in the 80's. How we got to work with color labs. It was amazing! As an example; to mix Cobalt Blue, Raw Umbra and Titanium White. Discover that there were an infinite amount of expressions and shades hidden in these color tubes. And there were so many colors to explore! So many opportunities! It was like a love affair.

And now the feeling was the same, 35 years later.

After a couple of months, interesting things started to happen. The paintings began to develop in unexpected ways. As if the hand holding the brush was acting on its own. Without first asking my brain for permission.

And before, I probably thought a little too much. It has sometimes, not always, hampered me.
Now I feel much freer. And I think watercolor painting is one of the reasons for that feeling.

Karlstad 23.09.23

Johan Magnusson

Engholmsgatan 16 A
652 21 Karlstad

Technique: Painting, Graphics

Magnus Mellgren

no image

Magnus Mellgren

Hööksgatan 25a
652 29 Karlstad


Technique: Painting, Sculpture
Web page:

Adam Haugbak

no image

Adam Haugbak f 1991

Operating in Gothenburg


2017/2020 Artistic master's program in free art . Valand Academy, Gothenburg. 2014/2016 Preparatory art education . Gerlesborgsskolan Bohuslän. 2013/2014 Preparatory art education. Folk High School in Angered.   

Technique: Painting, Sculpture

Lena Hedberg

no image

Lena Hedberg  

Doktor Westrings Gata 17b
413 24 Göteborg

Niki Merimaa

no image

Niki Merimaa  

Ulvsbygatan 23b
654 64 Karlstad

Technique: Sculpture

Liv Midbøe

no image

Liv Midbøe  

Nordmarksgatan 10

67151 Arvika


Technique: Sculpture, Textile, Mixed media
Web page:

Irene Heine

no image

Irene Heine  

Östra Sund
671 91 Arvika

Sara Nilsson

no image

Sara Nilsson


Instagram: @saranilssonart

Technique: Painting, Sculpture

Carina Moberg-Eyre

no image

Carina Moberg-Eyre  

Heleneborgsgatan 44 4 t
117 32 Stockholm 

Separate exhibitions: 

Gallery Ingela S, Stockholm -15, Nordens Ljus, Stockholm -14, Gallery Konst in Karlstad -09, Kristinehamns konstförening -08, Galleri Ingela S, Stockholm -08, Ihre kvarn, Gotland -07, Ebelingmuseet, Torshälla -05, 
Tranås Konstförening -04, Galleri Slottet, Sunne -02, Konstfrämjandets galleri, Stockholm -02, Gärsnäs Slott -02, Konstfrämjandet i Uppsala -01, Galleri Ets Ets Ets, Umeå -01, Konsthallen i Katrineholm -01, Karlskoga Sjukhus -98, Konstfrämjandet Karlstad -98, Galleri Moberg, Kristinehamn -97, Värmlands Säby -95, Galleri Formes, Nora -94, Galleri Ihre Kvarn, Gotland -94, Postens konstförening Tomteboda, Stockholm -94, Galleri Vision, Stockholm -93, Galleri Bergman, Karlstad -93, Galleri Engelbreckt, Örebro -89, Galleri Moberg, Kristinehamn -88, Textilgruppen Stockholm -87, Galleri MB, Stockholm -86, Galleri Fenix, Örebro -85, Järnboden, Hargsvik -84, Textilgruppen, Stockholm -84, Galleri S: t Nicolaus, Stockholm -83, Kils Konstförening, Kil -83, 
Gallery 1, Stockholm -81, Konstfrämjandet, Örebro -80 

Collective exhibitions:

Gallery Eva Solin Stockholm -15-16, Konstnärshuset-15, -14, -13 -12-11 Stockholm, Konstnatta, Tidaholm -15, Värmlands museum -11, Gallery Ingela S Stockholm -10, Gallery Helle Knudsen Stockholm -14, - 10, Kristinehamn Art Museum -09, Homecoming exhibition Kristinehamn -09, Munkfors Art Association -09, Kristinehamn Art Museum -06, Värmlands Höstsalong -09, -08, -06, -05, Gallery Helle Knudsen -05, -07, Rackstamuseet, Arvika -07 , Karlskoga konsthall -07, Galleri Konst, Karlstad -06, Värmlands museum -04, Kristinehamnssalongen -04, Galleri Cupido, Stockholm -04, Rackstamuseet, Arvika -03, Värmlands Museum -03, Värmlands Museum -02, Trappan Vällingby -00, Gallery Gripen -99, -00, Kristinehamns Konstmuseum -99, Högalids konstförening -90, -99, Börstorp Slott -97, Galleri Ihre Kvarn, Gotland -96, Höstsalong på Värmlands Museum -80, -99, -00,Felt Stockholm, -94, -99, Jakobsbergs Konsthall -93, Liljevalch's spring exhibition, Textilgruppen, Scandinavia Today in Japan, traveling exhibitions in Greece and Africa


Anneli Heinz

no image

Anneli Heinz

c/o Olle Norén,
Horsensgatan 64
654 67 Karlstad

Christina Byberg

no image

Christina Byberg

Lives and works in Kristinehamn

2010 - 2013         
Studies in painting, Gerlesborgsskolan, Bohuslän, during painting periods for Professor Georg Suttner former rector of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts
Working period painting, Georg Suttner, Gustavsfors, Dalsland
Course in painting, Kyrkeruds Folkhögskola, Anneli Pihlgren

Fil mag linguistics Karlstad University
Art and Visual Arts Karlstad University


Rack City Museum Arvika, organizer: Rack City Museum in collaboration with the New Art Association
Edsvik Art Autumn Salon in 2018, the east wing
organizer: Edsvik Art, Sollentuna
Kristinehamns museum, boiler, Autumn Salon 2018
organizer: Kristinehamns Museum in collaboration with the New Art Association
Edsvik Konsthall Höstsalong 2017, Västra flygeln
organizer: Edsvik Konsthall, Sollentuna
Värmlands Konstförenings Höstsalong, Kristinehamns konstmuseum
i Kvadraten, organizer: Värmlands Konstförening
Gerlesborgssalongen, Samlingsutstilling Galleri Gerlesborg, Gerlesborgsskolan, Bohuslän
Höstsalongen, Rackstadmuseet, organizer: Värmlands Konstförening
Kristinehamns Konstförenings Vårsalong, Galleri Kvadraten, Kristinehamn

Separate exhibitions:

2020 The
wall, open platform for contemporary art, Christina Byberg - paintings, Childhood Residence  Gerlesborgsskolan Bohuslän, 4 November - 23 November, organizer:
Gerlesborgsskolan (canceled due to corona epidemic)
2018 The
wall, open platform for contemporary art, Christina Byberg - paintings, Real / Surreal - No Limit Paintings . Gerlesborgsskolan, Bohuslän, 17 October - 5 November, organizer: Gerlesborgsskolan
Christina Byberg - painting from an inner stage room , Konsthallen Hammarö Library, 23 March - 23 April, organizer: Hammarö municipality
Christina Byberg - painting from an inner journey , Galleri Vågen
Kristinehamn, 14 February - 15 March, organizer Kristinehamn municipality

Duo exhibition:

Christina Byberg - painting, Gunilla Nillan Holmgren - tapestry,   Galleri Kvadraten, Kristinehamn, 28 January - 12 March, organizer; Kristinehamns Konstförening

Group exhibition invited artists:

Värmlands Museum, Karlstad Värmlands Konstnärsförbunds 100-jubileum in collaboration with Värmlands Konstförening
Karlskoga Konsthall, 7 - 22 July, organizer Karlskoga Konstförening
Värmlands Konstförenings Vårsalong, Torsby, 14 - 29 April, organizer Värmlands Konstförening in collaboration with Norra Värmlands Konstförening  

Kristinehamn Municipality, Kristinehamn Art Association, Karlskoga Art Association


Konstnärernas Riksorganisation, KRO 
Föreningen Svenska Konstnärinnor, FSK, Stockholm
Värmlands Konstnärsförbund, VKF
Bildupphovsrätt i Sverige


Bilden Sailed's program item in Georg Suttner's lecture on his view of art; The picture's real and the picture's imaginative reality  , in Gerlesborgsskolan's public lecture series

2011 The   
picture View towards St. Peter's Church starting point in Georg Suttner's speech and happening at the end of the work period in painting, Gerlesborgsskolan, Bohuslän


2019 - -
Member of the selection committee Föreningen Svenska Konstnärinnor, FSK, Stockholm
2018 - -
Deputy selection committee Värmlands Konstnärsförbund, VKF
2019 - -
Initiator and member of Målargruppen Georgs Vänner, alumni of former professor Georg Suttner, active in rented studios
for periods and years 2014 - Gerlesborgsskolan, Bohuslän

Contact information:

Visual artist
Christina Byberg
Östra Klintvägen 3
681 52 Kristinehamn
phone: 0550-80472
mobile: 070-638078075


Technique: Painting
Web page:

Kristina Mörk

no image

Kristina Mörk  

Rubinvägen 5
655 93 Karlstad

Annika Nielsen

no image

Annika Nielsen  

Ängebäcksvägen 23
693 33 Degerfors

Technique: Painting, Sculpture, Graphics

Gun Hellberg

no image

Gun Hellberg  

Lilla grevegårdsvägen 19
426 55 Västra Frölunda

Technique: Collage

Karolina Nolin

no image

Carolina Nolin  

Nygatan 1.
652 20 Karlstad

0709-14 56 11

Instagram: @karolinanolin



Simon Torssell Lerin

no image

Simon Torssell Lerin is educated at the Academy of Fine Arts and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm and at the Bergen Academy of the Arts and currently lives in Sunnemo. Since 2010, he has worked in a borderland between visual art and experimental music through the duo Lerin / Hystad together with the Norwegian artist Bettina Hvidevold Hystad. Through the Electronic Flora project, the duo work with recordings of bio-electrical signals from plants that they convert into music through modular synths. The duo's works are presented in audio-visual installations, soundscapes where several plants compose music and video together. Hystad also studies the shape, structure and composition of plants through detailed botanical drawings in pencil.

Watch a film about Lerin / Hystad and the Electronic Flora project.

Technique: Painting, Video / Photo, Mixed media
Web page:


no image


Textile artist and sculptor. Works as artistic director for Nora Art and brodö's illustrator for various artistic and customer-oriented assignments. 

From Storfors, lives in Järnboås north of Nora. 

Born in Karlstad 1986 


Finnshyttan Korpagården 344
713 94 NORA

0706 826 494

0706 826 494


Artistic director for Nora Art @nora_art_bergslagen this summer's contemporary art exhibition Retire 13 June  

Designer, SKAP, Manifesto Gala at the prizes that were awarded in 21 categories, Nalen, 2018. The

sign project Kvarteret Bryggeriet. Illustrations and research for the area's informative signs 2018/2019. 

Member of KRO, Svensk Form Örebro, Värmlands Konstnärsförbund, Värmlands Konstförening, Nora Art, BUS. 




Textile Academy, University of Borås, Artistic Master's degree, Fashion design 120p. 

Degree project: Come Apart at the Seams


School of Textiles, University of Borås, Bachelor of Arts, Fashion Design 180p. 
Degree project: Excavation 


Stenebyskolan, Kläder


Grebbestads Folkhögskola, Vävlinjen



2019 Borås Konstmuseum, konstfilm ur museets samlingar, Borås 

2018 Hylla Vardagen, SVENSK FORM och Länsmuseet, Slottet Örebro 

2018 SUPERMARKET ART FAIR, med Konstbunkern, Stockholm 

2018 Nora Art samlingsutställning "Svensk konst nu!" Bryggeriet, Nora  

2016 VÄRMLANDS KONSTMUSEUM, Två kortfilmer.

2014 GÖTEBORGS KULTURKALAS, Två kortfilmer, Presenterade av Göteborgs Filmfestival och Cineart, BIO ROY

2013-2014 “Museets nyförvärv” kortfilm, Konstmuseet Borås

2014 VILD med Acéphale, skogsföreställning, Göteborg.

2013 GÖTEBORGS KULTURKALAS, Kortfilm “En Sekund i Evigheten”, Trädgårdsscenen.

2012-2013 BORÅS KONSTMUSEUM, “The Last Resort” Soloutställning 


MAJ: Textilmuseet Borås 

AUGUSTI: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Stockholm 

SEPTEMBER: London Fashion Week  

2009-10 Karin Larsson grupputställning, Sundborn, Textilmuseet.


Inköpt av Borås Konstmuseum, 2 verk, kortfilmer: “En Sekund i Evigheten” och “En Seglats till Skogens Hamn”, 2013-2014.

Skapat stor tavla på kommission till Nudie Jeans co, Skånegatan, Stockholm.




JL Eklunds Hantverksstiftelse

Stiftelsen Petersenska hemmet

Eva & Oscar Ahréns stiftelse

Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse

August Ringnérs Stiftelse 


Tekoutbildningarnas stipendiefonder 


Erasmus stipendiet




Phantom Limb Company

Assistant to the puppet maker / composer Erik Sanko. 


OCT-NOV 2011

Hrafnildur Arnadottir (Shoplifter) The 

Textile Museum in Borås, preparation of an exhibition for the Nordic Textile Award.

June-November 2010

Vilsbøl de Arce

Avant garde fashion brand



2011 Designer's Nest, Copenhagen Fashion Week

2011 Travel Mania, Nordic Shoe & Bag Fair, Stockholm

2010 Triumph Inspiration Award, Swedish final, Röhss, Gothenburg.



Technique: Sculpture, Textile

Kjell Hellström

no image

Kjell Hellström  

Haga 26
686 94 Rottneros

Christer Norrström

no image

Christer Norrström  

Tegnervägen 11
691 37 Karlskoga

Laila Nylin

no image

Laila Nylin  

Tel. 054-840427



 Art education

Gerlesborgsskolan Bohuslän 2010

Collograph KKV Karlstad 1999

Screen printing KKV Karlstad 1996

Kyrkerud Fhsk Årjäng 1983-1985

Separate exhibitions

Arvika Art Gallery 2015

The grand piano Alsters Herrgård Konstrundan Karlstad 2011

Galleri Gripen Konstrundan Karlstad 2009 2010

Almars Gård Konstrundan Karlstad 2008

Gröna Galleriet Konstrundan Karlstad 2007

Galleri Lilla G Stockholm 2005

Galleri Fyrtornet Karlstad 2003 2006

Galleri K Karlstad 1995

Konstkällaren Arvika 1979

Nya Wermlandstidningens Konsthall Karlstad 1979

Tossebergsklätten Sunne 1976


Café Gamla Skolan Väse 2015 2016 2018

Höstsalong Värmlands Museum Karlstad 1987 2002 2004 2006 2008 2011 2014 2015 2019

Autumn Salon Kristinehamn Art Museum 2001 2005 2009 2013

Autumn Salon Rackstad Museum Arvika 2007 2010 2012 2016 2020

Gallery Art in Karlstad 2006 2007 2008

Romelegården Lund 2005 2006 2007

Gallery Fyrtornet Karlstad 2003 2006

Gallery Lars Karlstad 2002

Konstfrämjandet Karlstad 2000

Gallery Gripen Karlstad 1998 1999 2000

Winter Salon Arvika Konsthall 1985 1987 1989 1990 1992 1994 2000

Gallery Bergman Karlstad 1996

Gallery K Karlstad 1987 1991

Länstyrelsen Karlstad 1987

Nya Wermlands Tidningens Konsthall Karlstad 1981


Värmlands Läns County Council

Årjäng Municipality

Member of Värmlands Konstnärsförbund

Technique: Painting, Collage, Mixed media


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