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Karl Lindwall

no image

Karl Lindwall

Mörmovägen 29e
663 30 Skoghall

Evert Lundberg

no image

Evert Lundberg  

Assemblévägen 4
681 31 Kristinehamn

Marie Rönnberg

no image

Marie Rönnberg

Södra Ås 44
686 96 Ö: a Ämtervik


Technique: Painting
Web page:

Kersti Söderström-Ergon

no image
Kersti Söderström-Ergon  

Utsiktsvägen 14    18352 Täby 073-9862932

I have been doing graphics since the early 60's when I went to the Stockholm Academy of the Arts  .
In the mid 90's I started using  photopolymer. Make graphics using light! Previously, I worked a lot with etching and high pressure ...     
Fp gave space to use my high pressure and other images - processed in fp. Now I have started again with just high pressure. Lino and woodcuts. But now I use the fp pictures as a start.   
Cutting takes time… It sharpens the imagination. It goes its own way

About my images:  Man, his surroundings, fears and dreams.

Born 1938. Raised in Karlskoga. Studies: Stockholm Academy of the Arts 1962-67 in Stockholm
Exhibitions in selection:
Latest: Grafik i Väst, Gothenburg Feb 2018, Grafiska Sällskapets Galleri Feb-March 2015
Grafiska Sällskapet 100 år - Member exhibition and Historical review - The Academy of Fine Arts Stockholm 2010 The
Graphic Triennials since 1968 the latest in Uppsala Art Museum , Uppsala 2014
Together with the association Xylon participated a large number of exhibitions as well as Värmlands konstförening's
exhibitions over the years. Konstfrämjandet i Örebro 1975 och Örebro läns Museum 1988.

Svensk Grafik med Grafik i Väst, Shanghai China 2018, The art of relief printing from Sweden, Kunming
China 2007, Miniprint Triennale Lahti Art Museum, Finland, 2004.Print Biennale Nyköbing / Falster, Danmark
1995, International Print Biennale, Yokohama, Japan 1988, Swedish Printmaking The Metropolitan
Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan 1988. Swedish Printmaking, Japan Art. Ass. Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 1987,
Swedish Printmaking Jakarta, Indonesia 1977, International Print Biennale Florence, Italy 1972. Swedish
Printmakers Turku, Finland 1970

Moderna Museet, Nationalmuseum, Statens Konstråd, länsmuseum och kommuners samlingar.
Grafikens Hus, Mariefred, Art Museum, Florence, Italy
Jap. Species. Ass. Collection Tokyo, Japan, National Museum Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Public decoration Tapestry for Hotel Ferrum Kiruna 1969

Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts 1986-1987 and later at Konstfack where I from 1995 until my retirement in 2005 was
director of the Graphics Workshop.
I have also been part of the group of artists - who initiated Grafikens Hus in 1994 and which opened in
Mariefred in 1996.

Technique: Graphics

David Tedfeldt

no image

David Tedfeldt  

Romstadsvägen 35
65342 Karlstad

Technique: Painting

Katrin Westman Gazell

no image

Katrin Westman

Visterud 34, 68696 Östra Ämtervik




The process dictates the conditions for Westman's work, color and light in a movement on the canvas lying on the floor. Colors spread in  thin shocks in conjunction with swollen parts on smooth pastel surfaces  . She paints in oil with scrapers, rags and brushes. The starting shot for the process is the pictures, her models, which are scattered throughout the room. In the end, she can paint over everything, scrape it out again while the paint is wet, crumple it up and nail it to the wall. The sculptural thinking is integrated into Westman's painting and sometimes she has to go beyond the framework of the flat surface the surface forms and shape it like a sculpture to move forward. 




2013 - 2015 Master's Program in Free Art, Umeå University of the Arts, Umeå
2010 - 2013 Bachelor's Program in Free Art, Umeå University of the Arts, Umeå
2008 - 2010 Pernby Painting School, Stockholm

Separate exhibitions

2020         Underströmmar, Vida Museum, Öland
2018         Chamber,  Eskilstuna Art Museum, Eskilstuna
               Skall / Clamor  , Galleri Andersson Sandström, Stockholm

2017         Bodies Without Descent  , Olle Nyma's Studios and Artists  ' Homes  , Nacka
2016         Hanging Mantles / Disrobement,  Galleri Andersson Sandström, Stockholm
2013        Cut out of context, we stand there and pose  , Gallery S, Östersund
Kristinehamn Art Museum's youth  scholarship holder  , Kristinehamn

Group exhibitions

2018 The Painter, Strandverket Art Gallery
2017 Market Art Fair, Färgfabriken Stockholm
2016 Alma Löv Museum, Östra Ämtervik
2015         Anna-Lisa Thomson In Memory,  Uppsala Art Museum, Uppsala
Between The Devil and the Deep Sea  , Galleri Andersson / Sandström, Stockholm
Between The Devil and the Deep Sea  , Bildmuseet Umeå
2014         Dissolved  , Galleriet Umeå Konsthögskola, Umeå
SAK´s vinnutstilling  , Affordable Art Fairs, Stockholm
Night and Day  , Gallery DanArt, Österlen
Nedre Fryksdalens Konstförening  , Sundsbergs gård, Sunne
Sliperiet's group exhibition  , Sliperiet, Borgvik
How we came here  , Kunstlerhaus Turn and Taxis, Bregenz, Austria


2019 2-year work scholarship The Artists'
Committee 2018 Carl- Axel scholarship
2016 Vera and Göran Agnekil's scholarship
1 year work scholarship The Artists' Committee
2015 The Anna-Lisa Thomson Foundation
Eva and Hugo Bergman's Memorial Fund
2013 Kristinehamn's Youth

Scholarship Decoration

No Committee, No Forgotten , Gunnerudsgården Östra Ämtervik, 2018

Represented by

Alma Löv Museum
Stockholm County Council
Cultural Unit Uppsala LT
Sundbyberg City
Kristinehamn Art Museum
Umeå University (Faculty of Law)
Jönköping County Region
Jämtland Municipality
SAK (Swedish General Art Association)
Bonniers Konstförening
Apotekets Konstförening
Private collectors

Technique: Painting, Sculpture
Web page:

Otto Lundbohm

no image

Otto Lundbohm 

Heestrand, Enebacken 14
457 47 Hamburgsund



KV s art school Sthlm 1 year
Konstfackskolan Sthlm 4 years
Björkshults glasbruk m.fl.

Selected exhibitions:

Gallery Ranrike Tanumshede -14
Tornby Konsthall Linkoping -05
Åmåls Konsthall -04
Little Gallery Grebbestad
Jellyfish Gothenburg
Jönköping library


Stone Hall NPP-B, Gerlesborg -08-15
Vadsbo museum, Mariestad -09
Rackstadmuseet, Arvika -07
Skimmer distorted Park
Art walk in Ranrike -98 -15
Lilla Galleriet, Grebbestad
Lokstallet Strömstad
Furniture as art Stensalen, Skärholmen
Röhsska museet, photo -78
Gerlesborgsskolan's gallery


Playsculpture Tanum

Purchased by:

Västra Götaland -11
Karlstad municipality -07
magazine VI

Teacher and Principal Rorke's Drift Art Center RSA -68-75
Teachers image, shape o photo Grebbestads Folkhögskola -83-08
Member of Värmland Artists' Association
Participated with photos in group exhibition MOMA NY -10



Jan-Erik Lundqvist

no image

Jan-Erik Lundqvist

Getmossen, Lövåsen
665 92 Kil

Bo Löfgren

no image

Something about the background


Image and form have always had a central place in my life. It started at the Latin High School in Karlstad, mostly with painting. But everyday work was dominated for a long time by creative and later administrative roles in international advertising. On a parallel track, my paintings were occasionally exhibited in art galleries in different parts of the country.
The interest in sculpture, especially in stone and bronze, was strengthened during training under the auspices of Valand Art Academy. When it comes to formats, the range is considerable. From bronze figures of a few kilos to a granite sculpture of 6 tons.
I am a member of the Sculptors' Association and Värmlands Konstnärsförbund and have my studio on Mariaberget in Stockholm.

Some exhibitions

Konstfrämjandet, Mynttorget, Stockholm, Ustillingssalongen, Stockholm, Galleri Art Diana, Helsinki, Värmlands museum, vår- och höstsalonger, Väsby Konsthall, Södra Galleriet, Stockholm, Stockholm Art Fair, Katrineholms Konsthall, Grünewald-villan, Saltsjöbaden, Konstfrämjandet, Karlstad , Karby Gård, Täby, Galleri Curt Friman, Vadstena, Lidingö Konsthall, Konstochfolk, Stockholm, Borlänge Konsthall, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm, saml. exhibit, Ekebyhofs castle gallery, collect
. exhibits, Abante Gallery, Stockholm
Some public purchases

Gotland Culture Committee, City of Katrineholm, Culture in Uppsala, Stockholm County Council, Söderled District Administration, Västmanland County Council, Östergötland County Council 

Bo Löfgren
Slipgatan 8, 117 39 Stockholm
Mobile 0707- 68 60 30    
Studio: Hornsgatan 34, 118 20 Stockholm


Turid Lövqvist

no image

Turid Lövqvist  

Västanberg Lisstorp
683 61 Ekshärad

Technique: Painting

Stefan Westling

no image

Bilden har varit min viktigaste kommunikationskanal livet igenom, måleriet har varit min stora kärlek. 2017 återvände jag till ateljén, efter flera års konstnärlig tystnad. Ett tidigare dovt och lite tyngre uttryck har nu ersatts av ett mer lekfullt och färgstarkt måleri. Genom ett abstrakt och expressivt anslag utforskar jag min samtid.

Under årens lopp har publiken fått ta del av mina verk i ett flertal separatutställningar och samlingsutställningar. Min konst finns representerad i offentliga och privata samlingar. Jag har verkat som konstnär, illustratör och pedagog. Under en period drev jag ett konstgalleri och under elva år arbetade jag som projektledare, intendent och chef för Kristinehamns konstmuseum.

Telefon: 070 350 57 40

Technique: Painting, Graphics
Web page:

Andreas Poppelier

no image

CV Andreas Poppelier
Lives and works in Ivarsbjörke, Värmland.

1998-2003 - Master's degree, Malmö Academy of the Arts.
1997-1998 - Idun Lovén Art School, Stockholm.

Separate exhibitions in selection:
2017 - Art Forum, Norrköping, SE. (Feb 2018)
2016 - Kristinehamn Art Museum, SE. (with Assa Kauppi)
2015 - Messalianser, Pumphuset, Borstahusen, SE.
2014 - The stable, Alma Löv Museum, Ö.Ämtervik, SE.
2014 - Fog out my daylight, torture my night, Galleri Arnstedt, Ö.Karup, SE.
2013 - The spots reminded of a lost control over things, Härnösands Konsthall, SE.
2013 - The time for great measures was over, Domeij Gallery, Stockholm, SE.
2012 - Darkness darkness be my blanket, GalleriLars Olsen, Copenhagen, DK.
2012 - Men who have died as titles and women who have died as spouses of men with titles, Gallery Thomas Wallner, Simris, SE.
2012 - Växjö Art Gallery, SE.
2011 - The uneventful day, a triumph for humanity, Haninge Konsthall, SE.
2011 - A misguided expression of devotion, Ahlergshallen, Östersund, SE.
2010 - In hidden rooms, Arnstedt, Ö.Karup, SE.
2008 - You have found happiness in slavery Congratulations to you, Galleri Thomas Wallner, Malmö, SE.
2007 - This is Not Paradise, CirkulationsCentralen, Malmö, SE.
2007 - Uncanny Valley. DUNK !, Copenhagen, DK.
2006 - Various Positions, Ping-Pong, Malmö, SE.
2005 - Arnstedt & Kullgren, Ö.Karup, SE.
2003 - Solipsism, Pictura gallery, Lund SE.
2003 - Ascension to virginity, Peep, Malmö, SE.

Selected group exhibitions: 2017 - If you do not like art, goodbye, go home, fuck off…, Vestfossens Kunstlabratorium, NO. 2017 - Gallery Arnstedt, Ö.Karup, SE. 2017 - Polyphony Final, Thomas Wallner Gallery, Simris, SE. 2016 - Painting Failures, Moderna Museet, Malmö, SE. 2015 - Polyphony III, Thomas Wallner Gallery, Simris, SE. 2014 - Collection, Uppsala Art Museum, SE. 2014 - Polyphony II, Thomas Wallner Gallery, Simris, SE. 2013 - Thimar / Westling Gallery, Karlstad, SE. 2013 - Magnum Collection, Gallery Arnstedt, Ö.Karup, SE.

2013 - Polyphony, Thomas Wallner Gallery, Simris, SE.
2013 - Domeij Gallery, Stockholm, SE.
2012 - Sven Harrys Art Museum, Stockholm, SE.
2012 - Scratch my name on your arm with a fountain pen ..., Linköpings Konsthall, SE.
2012 - The hidden art, Haninge Art Gallery, SE.
2011 - Art Copenhagen, DK.
2011 - Here and now, maybe then, maybe then, Eskilstuna Art Museum, SE
2011 - Malmö - So there, Gallery Thomas Wallner, Simris, SE.
2011 - Land of illusions and other pointmarks, Galleri Christoffer Egelund, DK.
2011 - Scratch my name on your arm with a fountain pen ..., Landskrona Museum, SE.
2010 - Art Copenhagen, DK.
2010 - Taking down heaven, Alma Löv Museum, Ö.Ämtervik, SE.
2010 - Ellen Trozig Fellow, Ystad Art Museum, SE.
2010 - Skulpturparken, Arnstedt, Ö.Karup, SE.
2010 - Bo Siesjö Collection, Ystad Art Museum, SE.
2010 - Go West, Galleri Kant, Esbjerg, DK.
2010 - Astronomical Frontiers, Henningsen Contemporary, Copenhagen, DK.
2009 - Frost and ice roses, Arnstedt, Ö.Karup, SE.
2009 - Art Copenhagen with Arnstedt, DK.
2009 - A disgraced shimmer, Gallery Thomas Wallner c / o Norra Skolan, Brantevik, SE.
2009 - Open Art, Örebro, SE.
2009 - Imprint, Eskilstuna 350 years, Formwork, Eskilstuna, SE.
2009 - Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, SE.
2009 - Welcome to the garage, DUNK!, Copenhagen, DK.
2008 - Through the Looking Glass, SWG3, Glasgow, GB.
2008 - Arnstedt & Kullgren, Ö.Karup, SE.
2008 - Botnik Space Off-08, Gerlesborg, SE
2008 - Artists interpret Ljudbilden & Piloten, Pictura, Lund, SE.
2007 - The Opening, Donn Roca, Odense, DK.
2007 - A week in the sun, Botnik Studios, Gerlesborg, SE
2007 - I LOVE MALMÖ, Kuntsi museum of modern art, Vaasa, FIN.
2007 - The Comort and the Joy of Feeling Lost, Kabusa Konsthall, Köpingebro, SE
2007 - I LOVE MALMÖ, Åbo Konstmuseum, FIN.
2006 - Kabusa Art Gallery, Köpingebro. SE
2005 - The Remix Project (Malmö Remix), Cirkulationscentralen, Malmö, SE
2005 - 10 year anniversary of Malmö Art Academy, Rooseum, Center of Contemperary Art, Malmö, SE
2005 - Sydkraft, der junge kunst aus södsweden, Loopraum, Berlin, D.
2004 - Album, Eskilstuna Konstmuseum, SE.
2004 - Arnstedt & Kullgren, Ö.Karup, SE.
2003 - Diesel New Art, Stockholm, SE.
2003 - Pictura, Lund, SE.
2000 - 20 artists, Eskilstuna Art Museum, SE.

Collections, etc:
Nordic contemporary art collection-NoCo Kristinehamns Konstmuseum Eskilstuna Konstmuseum. Malmö Art Museum. Värmland Region. Scania Region. Västernorrland County Council. THING. Eskilstuna municipality. Linköping municipality. Uppsala municipality. Östersund municipality. Apoteksbolagets Konstförening.Hallands Konstförening.

Malmö Opera Art Association.
Nordea Denmark Art Association.
Private collectors.

Scholarship, etc:
2016 - Längmanska Kulturfonden
2014 - Konstnärsnämnden, 2-year work scholarship.
2013 - Nominated for the Carnegie Art Award.
2011 - Malmö City Studio Scholarship.
2010 - Konstnärsnämnden, 1-year work scholarship.
2009 - Helge Ax: son Johnsons Stiftelse
2009 - Längmanska Kulturfonden
2008 - Malmö Stads ateljéstipendium.
2005 - Ellen Trotzig's scholarship.
2003 - Eva and Hugo Bergman's scholarship fund via the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

Publications: 2017 - Portrait in the magazine Konstnären. 2015 - Pedagogiska Magasinet, 10 works and interview.

2011 - Catalog of new works, texts by Andreas Nilsson, Per Bergström and Åsa  Mårtensson.
2010 - Test -artistbooks. Made an edition called 'Studio visit'.
2009 - Open Art, Örebro, exhibition catalog.
2009 - Spesial Nord, art publication.
2009 - Imprint, exhibition catalog.
2009 - CirkulationsCentralen, exhibition catalog 2004 - 2008.
2006 - Artistic presentation, Pequod magazine, text by Per Bergström.
2005 - The Remix Project, presented in the Svensson magazine.
2005 - Malmö Art Academy -the first ten years.
2004 - Album, exhibition catalog.
2003 - Diesel New Art catalog for jury-judged exhibition.
1999 - Participation in the year 2000 calendar for Eskilstuna Art Museum.

2017 - Cover painting for Danilo Ki's book 'Lutan & Ärren' by Rámus publishing house. 2016 - Cover painting for Danilo Ki's book 'Vindskyftet' at Rámus publishing house. 2015 - Public works for HSB, Gothenburg, SE. 2015 - Curated the exhibition 'Untouched Nature' at Alma Löv Museum, Ö.Ämtervik, SE. 2014 - Cover painting for Goran Vojnović's book. 'Yugoslavia, my homeland' on Rámus . publisher. 2014 - Cover painting for Sjóns book. 'Stensamlarens sång' at Rámus publishing house. 2012 - Curated the exhibition "Scratch my name on your arm ..." at Landskrona Museum and Linköping Art Gallery. 2010 - Album cover for The Swedish Silence. 2009 - Cover for Spesial Nord, art publication. 2008 - Book cover for Pequod, literary magazine. 2008 - Art in care, Skåne. 2008 - Lecture at Malmö Art Gallery. 2008 - Initiated the exhibition space "On the Wall" at CirkulationsCentralen. 2008 - Part of the group that arranges exhibitions at CirkulationsCentralen2007 - Multiple for Dunk! 2007 - Curated, wrote exhibition text and installed for "The Comort and the Joy ofFeeling Lost" at Kabusa Art Gallery. 2004 - Curated, wrote exhibition text for "Album" at Eskilstuna Art Museum.

Technique: Painting, Sculpture
Web page:


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