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Peter Örtendahl

no image

Peter Örtendahl  

Herrhagsgatan 16 B
652 18 Karlstad

Gerd Göran

no image

Gerd Göran  

Sångshyttan 32
712 93 Hällefors

Ingeborg Paulsrud

no image

Ingeborg Paulsrud  

Bondegatan 8

654 65 Karlstad

Karin Börjeson

no image

Karin Börjeson  

Ålvägen 69
663 40 Hammarö



Julia Olofsson

no image

Julia Olofsson

Batterigatan 11 D

415 01 Gothenburg

072- 2394703

Technique: Painting
Web page:

Ulrika Skog

no image

Ulrika Skog

Färjestadsvägen 71 b, 654 65 Karlstad


Instagram: @ulrikaskog

Technique: Sculpture

Kristina Gullander

no image

Kristina Gullander
Furustigen 7 A

652 21 Karlstad

072-717 32 73

Web page:

Karin Lööf

no image

Ceramist Karin Lööf  

Fagerstagatan 8 A
653 49 Karlstad

070 672 64 54

Being a potter is my profession. The formability and richness of clay have for over 35 years captivated my time as a ceramicist. Turns and sculptes, burns at stoneware temperature. The result is a craft that works in private and public spaces. Has its own studio, shop and gallery at Råtorp. Works with a turned goods sometimes relief. The clay requires an experienced hand to express artistry, quality and function and the process needs patience and a desire to experiment.

As an art educator, I work with children and adult groups in schools, course activities and with my own studio courses. In recent years, I have been very involved with the Creative School in Karlstad, Kil, Kristinehamn and Hammarö municipality.

All info about me as a ceramicist / art educator I constantly update on the following websites and there are lots of pictures.  


Technique: Sculpture
Web page:

Olga Magnusson

no image

With my roots in Värmland and everyday life in Järna in Sörmland, I live a life with painting, words and photography. With song, music and good friends. 

I accept orders for portraits. Has, among other things, portrayed governors in Västerbotten, Blekinge, Värmland and Örebro counties.

The pictures show two representation portraits and three free paintings. The sixth picture shows when I exhibited my favorite artist Stig Ohlson one summer in my house. 

You are welcome to my house in Deje, Värmland in connection with the Lustenrundan, during the last weekend in August. For more information: see my website!

Olga Magnusson   

Mossvägen 26
153 37 JÄRNA
telephone: 076-1990766

Technique: Painting
Web page:

Louise Warnqvist

no image

Louise Warnqvist
Villa Soludden Laxdalen

663 92 Hammarö

070-512 52 44



Ulla Magnusson

no image

Ulla Magnusson

Malmtorgsgatan 6
653 40 Karlstad

Liida Hardner-Larsson

no image

Liida Hardner-Larsson  

Visterudsgatan 1
654 69 Karlstad

Studio: Östanvindsgatan 14, 652 21 Karlstad

Phone: 070 206 85 48


Instagram: @liidahl

I am a visual artist and work with textiles in a technique
where layers of silk, cloth and rags coexist in different expressions
and which are "drawn" with my sewing machine.
I work in both large and small formats.
My works of art reflect life in all its forms.

  • Education r:

Textile education Nobel Gymnasium Karlstad 1988
Aesthetic line Kyrkerud 1988 - 90
Art History Karlstad University 1990
Courses at Gerlesborg -84 -91 -03
Linköping University 2002, 'Expression in wood and textiles'

  • Represented:

Karlstad Municipality
Vingåker Municipality
County Council in Värmland
Gnosjö municipality
Säffle municipality

  • Separate exhibitions:

Galleri Konstkällaren, Karlstad 1985
Åbrogården, Vingåker 1987
Museet Kvarnen, Filipstad 1989
Galleri Solbacken, Sillegården 1993
Museet Kvarnen, Filipstad 1995
Galleri Slottet, Sunne 2000
Heidruns, Fensbol 2001
Galleri Björnen, Råda 2002
Biblioteket, Gnosjö 2004
Frykenstrand, Sunne 2005
Hagfors stadshus, Hagfors 2005
Galleri Runnevålen, Kil 2006
Stjärnsfors, Uddeholm 2006
Konstfrämjandet, Karlstad 2007
Konst i Karlstad 2010
Sundsbergs gård, Sunne 2016
Kulturhuset Silvénska, Säffle 2019


  • Samlingutställningar (ett urval):

Galleri Era, Karlstad 1982
Galleri Konstkällaren, Karlstad 1983
Galleri Röda Boden, Karlskoga 1984
Stockholm Art Fair 1987
Galleri Bergman, Karlstad 1996
Konstfrämjandet, Karlstad 1998
Galleri Gripen, Karlstad 1999
Galleri Albin Upp, Oslo 2001
Textil Museet, Borås 2001
Galleri Svarta Soffan, Stockholm 2001
Värmlands Museum, Karlstad 2002
Dalslands Konsthall, Åsensbruk 2003
Rackstadmuseet, Arvika 2004
Art Gallery Sala Barna, Barcelona 2004
Galleri Stockselius, Skövde 2004
Kristinehamns Konstmuseum 2005
Galleri Konst i Karlstad 2006
Kristinehamns Konstmuseum 2006
Värmlands Museum, Karlstad 2006
Konstfrämjandet; Karlstad 2007
Konsthallen, Örebro 2009
Domkyrkan, Karlstad 2009
Rackstadmuseet, Arvika 2010
Konsthallen, Karlskoga 2011
Värmlands Museum, Karlstad 2011
Rackstadmuseet, Arvika 2012
Kristinehamns Konstmuseum 2013
Prostgårdslagårn, Torsby 2015
Konsthallen, Åmål 2016
Laxholmen, Munkfors 2016
Rackstadmuseet, Arvika 2016
Konsthallen, Arvika 2017
Kristinehamns Konstmuseum 2018
Galleri KIKA, Karlstad 2018
Värmlands Museum, Karlstad 2019

  • Övrigt:

Project work for Värmlands Museum, von Echstedtska farm,
design and quilting of a silk quilt in 1700 style.
An intermedial performance has been performed based
on my textile pictures at the Arena in Karlstad

Technique: Painting, Textile, Collage, Mixed media
Web page:

Henrik Malmborg

no image

H enrik M almborg  

Botorp 521 Sönnergärdet
655 91 Karlstad


Facebook page:



new MG 5791




Technique: Video / Photo, Collage
Web page:

Kerstin Ronnemark

no image

Kerstin Ronnemark
Folkungagatan 10 A 352 36 Växjö

070-22 87 687   m

See the website: 


Louis Maussen

no image

Louis Maussen

Blomma Nygård
672 92 Årjäng


Technique: Sculpture
Web page:

Göte Melin

no image

Göte Melin  

Söderled 20
681 43 Kristinehamn

Öivind Harsem

no image

Öivind Harsem  

Flygfältsvägen 9c / 1002
69137 Karlskoga


Hovedskous art school 1978-80,

Diploma Media and science of Communication Karlstads University 2001.

Diploma -pedagogy Gothenburg University 2006

One man show

Galleri Gripen Karlstad 1982

Karlskoga konsthall 1983

Galleri Max Stockholm (together with Lars Fernell) 1983

Gallery H Stockholm 1983

Örebro museum 1985

Karlskoga konsthall 1989

Together with Dan Lekberg and Mats Wilhelmssom:

ABF gallery Eskilstuna 1986

Flen art gallery 1986

Agueli museum in Sala 1988

Vadsbo museum in Mariestad 1990

Art forum: Norrköping. 1992

Gothenburg Art Museum: “the grafikhall” 1992

Gallery Gripen: Karlstad 1995

Gallery ”art epidemic the cave”: Göteborg 1996

Karlskoga art gallery (together with Lennart Gybrant) 1997

Örebro art museum (together with Lennart Gybrant) 1999

Kristinehamns art museum (together with Lennart Gybrant) 2000

Stockholm Art fair: ( together with Margareta Lindman) 2001

Gallery Lars. Karlstad 2002

Lindesbergs art association 2006

”Konstfrämjandet” gallery in Örebro 2006

Kumla art gallery 2007

Fortaleza Maputo Mozambique 2007

Karlskoga art gallery 2007

Värmlands museum Karlstad 2008

Hotel Plaza ”rom IV” Karlstad hotel happening 2009

Rackstad museum Arvika (together with Dan Lekberg 2012

Major group exhibitions

Karlskoga art gallery ”Karlskogagrafiker” 1979

Fredrikstad Norway ”gallery Gamlebyen” 1980

Fredrikshavns art museum Denmark 1981

Torhaus Rombergpark Dortmund Germany 1984

Fredrikshavns art museum Denmark 1984

Arvika art gallery 1985

Kristinehamns art gallery 1985

Örebro museum ”grafik art 88” 1988

Mini print Internacional De Cadaques Spain 1988

Mini Print Internacional De Cadaques Spain 1989

”Rackstad” museum Arvika ”Landskap” 2007

”7 artists from Värmland” Krapperup art hall Höganäs 2010

Mini print Internacional De Cadaques Spain 2010

Art gallery Sfantu Gheorghe Transylvanian 2011


”Panncentralen” Kristinehamn art museum ” Landscape ”

A film bye Staffan Jofjell 2000.

”Le grand voyage” A film bye Öivind Harsem 2004

“Fjaestad och jag” A film bye Öivind 2012


”Mossbilder” togheter with Lars Andersson Rallaros publishing house 1982

”Turf” handprinted art book 1994

”Diary Luberon ”Handprinted art book 2002


City of Karlskoga kultur distiction 1983

Värmlands art association youth distinction 1988

Värmlands art association” Thor Fagerkvist memorial ”2001

Örebro county council district distiction 2003

Arts Grants commitee of Sweden now and than since 1981

Representation in:

Swedish state institute for art,

Örebro art museum,

Värmlands museum,

Local authority around in Sweden

France embassy in Stockholm

Universidade Eduardo Mondlane Maputo Mocambique



Technique: Graphics

Nils Johannesson

no image

Nils Johannesson
Parkvägen 7

682 31 Filipstad

0590-71001, 070-6571001

Maria Melin

no image

Maria Melin  

Montörsgatan 21 D
681 35 Kristinehamn

Instagram: mariamelinkonst  

CV - Curriculum Vitae

Maria Melin

Born in Upplands Väsby 1976.

Lives in Kristinehamn. Works as an art teacher at 7-9 Stenstalidskolan.

Works in painting, drawing, photography etc.


Image and Form, Kävesta Folk High School, 1996-1997

Free Painting School, Halmstad, 1997-1998

Art teacher line, Umeå University, 1998-2001

Artistic Image & Media Image, Umeå University, 2001-2002

Handicraft, Textile, Linköping University 2013-2015

Member of

Värmlands Konstnärsförbund, 2008 -

Jury-judged exhibitions

"Young Artist", Kristinehamn Art Museum, 2000 and 2004

Summer Salon, Galleri Vågen, Kristinehamn, 2004

Autumn Salon, Värmlands Museum, Karlstad, 2004

Spring Salon, Art Gallery, Kristinehamn, 2005

Summer Salon, Kristinehamn Art Museum, 2006

Autumn Salon, Värmlands Museum, Karlstad, 2008

Spring Salon, Kristinehamn Art Museum, 2009

Autumn Salon, Kristinehamn Art Museum, 2009

Spring Salon, Gallery Square, Kristinehamn, 2018

Autumn Museum,

Saloon, , Stockholm, 2020

Separate exhibitions

Biblioteket, Kristinehamn, 1996

Performance, Umeå University, 2002

Gjuteriet, Karlstad, 2006

Studio Rost, Kristinehamn, 2018


Skärgården, Kristinehamn, 1996

Wadköping, Örebro, 1997

Härröd, Hörby, 2001

Bergsjö, Kristinehamn, 2008

Salon des Refusees, Stockholm, 2011

Summer Salon, Väse, 2013

Summer Salon, Väse, 2017

Summer Salon, Väse, 2018

Summer Salon, Väse, 2019

 Summer Salon, Väse, 2020


Lena Hautoniemi

no image

Designer and artist Lena Hautoniemi Andersson was born and raised in Årjäng. I paint in several different techniques with a penchant for gouache and oil. Likes to work in project form and not always know the end date precisely. As a designer, I have worked with patterns on glass, carpets and wallpaper. The works shown here are the beginning of a more long-term project in oil painting under the name, Stora Le.

Lena Hautoniemi  

There Åppe
672 94 Årjäng

Technique: Painting


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