Karin Lööf


Ceramist Karin Lööf  

Fagerstagatan 8 A
653 49 Karlstad

070 672 64 54

Being a potter is my profession. The formability and richness of clay have for over 35 years captivated my time as a ceramicist. Turns and sculptes, burns at stoneware temperature. The result is a craft that works in private and public spaces. Has its own studio, shop and gallery at Råtorp. Works with a turned goods sometimes relief. The clay requires an experienced hand to express artistry, quality and function and the process needs patience and a desire to experiment.

As an art educator, I work with children and adult groups in schools, course activities and with my own studio courses. In recent years, I have been very involved with the Creative School in Karlstad, Kil, Kristinehamn and Hammarö municipality.

All info about me as a ceramicist / art educator I constantly update on the following websites and there are lots of pictures. www.keramikerkarinloof.com    www.ateljekurser.se    www.facebook.com/keramikerkarinloof    www.instagram.com/keramikerkarinloof  


Technique: Sculpture
Web page: http://www.keramikerkarinloof.com/

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