Giselle Reijers

Tuschteckningar/mixed media

Giselle Reijers  

Born 1975 in Karlstad

At the moment I draw mostly black and white ink drawings. Since I have drawn a lot of croquet, mainly the naked female body has gained a strong meaning in my pictures and is almost always present. I like the graphic when I draw with ink, there are a lot of contrasts and line transitions. In my way of working, I can combine my images with patterns in a way that I enjoy very much. I make swollen frames that are connected to the drawings in joint foam, among other things, which is fantastic fun to work with. I grew up in the country with animals and nature around me and it has affected me a lot, so the shapes of nature have a natural part in my pictures. Wildlife and nature in other parts of the world also creep into my pictures.

Contact information:

Tegnérsgatan 1A 65218 Karlstad                                                                                                                                                       






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